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Sustrans Scotland - Places for Everyone

Last reviewed 12 hours ago
The aim of Places for Everyone is to create safe, attractive, healthier places by increasing the number of trips made by walking, cycling and wheeling for everyday journeys. Projects must: develop ideas collaboratively and in partnership with communities; facilitate independent walking, cycling, and wheeling for everyone, including an unaccompanied 12-year old; re-allocate road space, and restrict motor traffic permeability to prioritise people walking, cycling and wheeling over private motor vehicles. Projects that benefit one active mode to the significant detriment of another will not be supported.
Currently open

British Ecological Society - Outreach Grants

Last reviewed 12 hours ago
Grants are available to promote and engage the public with the science of ecology. They will support projects that: increase public understanding of, and engagement with, ecology; stimulate discussion about ecology and its implications for society; inspire and enthuse people of all ages about the science of ecology, especially those not previously interested; develop skills in communicating the science of ecology.
Opening soon

Museums Galleries Scotland - Recovery and Resilience Fund

Last reviewed 13 hours ago
The fund is intended to prevent museums from running out of funds before 31 March 2021, but also to support them to develop their resilience by adapting to changed circumstances, supporting their workforce and re-engaging with their communities. It will give independent museums the chance to plan and implement measures that will help them to achieve greater financial sustainability. You can apply for support to cover a funding gap that you anticipate occurring before 31 March 2021 but also to undertake activity that will build up your organisation’s resilience to manage the ongoing financial challenges brought about by the pandemic.

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