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Scottish Forestry - The Strategic Timber Transport Fund

Last reviewed 27 minutes ago
The aim of the Scottish Strategic Timber Transport Scheme is to facilitate the sustainable transport of timber in rural areas of Scotland for the benefit of local communities and the environment, maximising the value of monies available through innovative Regionally and Nationally Strategic projects and partnerships. Projects should have community and social and environmental benefits and reduce damage and disruption to public roads.
Currently open

Foundation Scotland - Falck Auchrobert Community Fund

Last reviewed 34 minutes ago
The Auchrobert Community Fund is funded by Falck Renewables from its Auchrobert wind farm in South Lanarkshire. The fund supports projects located within or directly benefiting the area of Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill and Boghead. Projects may be focused on general community activity or services/activities for specific groups (e.g.: families, older people, younger people, those with particular needs). However all projects must clearly be benefiting those who live within part or all of the area of benefit. Awards can support a wide range of costs and activities including equipment costs, running costs for local groups, staff or sessional worker costs, consultations, maintenance or refurbishment of community facilities.
Currently open

Al-Maktoum Community Grants Fund

Last reviewed 2 hours ago
The fund aims to build the capacity of communities to address local issues which impact on people’s ability to look after and improve their own health and wellbeing and live the best life possible. The fund will support registered charities and constituted community groups operating in the following fields: Learning and education, Multiculturalism and interfaith engagement, Youth development, Opportunities for those with disabilities, Helping people overcome challenges in the face of adversity.

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