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The Kirby Laing Foundation

Last reviewed 2 days ago
The Foundation supports a wide range of charities both in the UK and abroad. Areas of particular interest to the Trustees include: promotion of the evangelical Christian faith; education, with a particular interest in the promotion of science and engineering, and youth development; medical research, with a particular emphasis on dementia and stroke; social/medical welfare projects, particularly those benefitting elderly and disabled people; preservation of cultural/environmental heritage and improving access to the arts for young people and the disabled (projects of national importance only); overseas development projects.
Currently open

The DWF Charitable Foundation

Last reviewed 2 days ago
The foundation supports homelessness, health and wellbeing, employability and education. It particularly helps with initiatives that develop and improve local communities by: tackling a specific community issue; helping voluntary and community groups become more effective and efficient; encouraging the involvement in the community of those too often excluded; and enabling young people to develop skills for the benefit of the community.
Currently open

Lord's Taverners - Outdoor Play Programme

Last reviewed 2 days ago
Funding for special schools catering for children with severe learning and physical disabilities to have access to suitable outdoor play equipment which will improve children’s physical and mental health, help develop emotional responses and learning skills and improving basic numeracy and literacy.

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