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North East Fisheries Local Action Group

Last reviewed 2 days ago
The FLAG strategy delivers the fisheries elements of three separate multi-fund local development strategies: North Aberdeenshire, South Aberdeenshire and Angus. Each LDS has variations in its priorities and focus, but common themes among them include improving connections and sense of place, developing the economy, and co-operation (both inter-territorial and trans-national). Specific priorities for fishing areas include: Facilitating diversifications within and outside of the fisheries sector; Supporting lifelong learning and job creation in fisheries areas; Adding value, creating jobs and promoting innovation at all stages of the fisheries seafood supply chain.
Currently open

Orkney Fisheries Local Action Group

Last reviewed 2 days ago
Projects will help build stronger and more resilient fishing communities, sustain grow and diversify marine, coastal and aquaculture economies and improved the understanding of the marine environment and management of resources.
Currently open

Quaker Housing Trust

Last reviewed 2 days ago
QHT give grants and interest-free loans as one-off funding for capital cost items of expenditure across a wide range of practical elements. These include: buying, building, converting, renovating or refurbishing property; expanding an existing housing project; making a housing project ‘greener’; smaller practical things which turn a house into a home. Through four specific grants they also fund work relating to good practice and development: the Health Check Service provides a professional consultant to help you in evaluation of the present and future ‘health’ and potential of your housing project; the Feasibility Study Grant helps towards the cost of getting professional to help you test the feasibility of specific proposals for providing affordable rented housing; the Environmental Assessment Grant helps towards the cost of getting professional help to identify and use environmentally-friendly options in your social housing project: the Dissemination of Good Practice helps towards the cost of making more widely available proven good practice which will help other organisations provide better social housing.

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