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Marr Area Partnership - Initiative Grant Scheme

Last reviewed 2 hours ago
Grants will support any aspect of sustainable development within communities in the Marr area. If they are related to larger schemes the grant can be used for project start-up costs or to help groups develop a project idea. The grant scheme also provides support, advice and help with the development of project aims and/or management. They have funded a wide range of projects including: transport initiatives, information directories, local communications networks, environmental improvement schemes, cultural and historical projects, and projects related to tourism.
Currently open

The Radcliffe Trust - Heritage & Crafts

Last reviewed 4 hours ago
The Radcliffe Trust supports the development of the skills, knowledge and experience that underpin the UK’s traditional cultural heritage and crafts sectors. This includes support for: craft and conservation training; practical projects, particularly those that include a strong training element; strategic and capacity-building projects which demonstrate clear benefits to the sector; Special Needs projects whose emphasis is on skills development. However, the Trust remains committed to flexible, open and inclusive grant-giving and will consider other projects, should they fall broadly within its remit.
This fund has been set up by the Scottish Government to support National Voluntary Youth Organisations to contribute to the achievement of the National Youth Work Strategy 2014-2019 ambition that “All young people, in every part of Scotland, should have access to high quality and effective youth work practice.” Applications must demonstrate that the proposed activity will lead to one or more of the following outcomes being achieved: improved support and engagement of volunteers; increased access to workforce development opportunities for paid staff and/or volunteers; increased access to leadership development opportunities for senior managers and/or senior volunteers; improved strategic leadership; improved communication and partnerships with local authorities supporting the delivery of the national outcomes for young people.

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